Gum disease

Gum disease examination

Gum disease is when the germs in your mouth silently attack the bone under the gum line, causing the bone to dissolve away. Eventually the teeth get infected and loose. If caught early it can be treated conservatively and controlled.

Look at the pictures. The gums do not look bad. When the dentist or hygienist uses a periodontal probe to measure under the gum line you can see how far down it goes indicating bone loss and advanced gum disease! Adults must go for professional evaluations of their gums and cleanings at least 2 - 4 times a year.

Gum disease examination

Make sure you know your pocket numbers. They should be 2-3 mili-meters deep with NO bleeding when they measure under the gum line. There are six measurements per tooth. Adults have 28 teeth so there are 168 points to measure. More than 10 pockets over 4 mm deep (a little more than 1/8th inch) that bleed when they measure, means that you have gum disease. Make sure that you know your numbers at every dental exam. What you do not know can hurt a lot!

Gum disease examination

If you do have gum pockets and bleeding you need more than just cleanings. You need gum treatments at the dental office and better home care methods at home.

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